Soft Touch® Bases

At Urethane Systems Plus, Inc. we manufacture Soft Touch® Bases for recreational baseball and softball applications. Our durable polyurethane bases are cut resistant and feature a progressive release action that allows the base to release from its anchor when sufficient force is applied. This design accommodates aggressive play while keeping safety paramount and meets Little League Rule 1.06: Disengage-able Bases. Bases are manufactured using reaction injection molding techniques to produce consistently high quality bases that represent a safe design for the industry.

Bases are available with five different mounting options. Our A Series Soft Touch Premium Bases feature a 7" Box with a tapered in-ground plug for mounting. When bases are not in use, a heavy duty drag plug is used to maintain the mounting point. Soft Touch C Series bases use a convertible “T" anchoring system that adapts to a 1" peg or a 1-1/2" sleeve that secures the base while allowing for disengagement during uncontrolled slides. The S Series spike down installation option allows for very fast installation in any field for immediate play. Our innovative IN series bases are designed for indoor use and allow for year round practice and play. Bases are secured using powerful suction cups that are adhered to the floor. We include a mat for flooring that is textured or flooring that is not seamless. The Soft Touch T Series is designed specifically for synthetic turf with a 1" depth. These bases require no mounting system and can be used all season.

Our patented designs are safe, durable, and very simple to install. All bases are manufactured in the USA according strict quality standards. For additional details about our Soft Touch® Bases, see our products online HERE, or Contact us directly.

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Product Description
Soft Touch® Bases with Progressive Release Action
Capabilities Applied/Processes
  • Reaction Injection Molding
Part Dimensions
  • Length: 15"
  • Width: 15"
  • Length: 14"
  • Width: 14"
Material Used
Durable Cut Resistant Polyurethane
Industry for Use
Recreational / College/ High School / Youth Leagues
A Series / C Series / S Series / I Series / T Series
  • Full Season Mounting System
C Series
  • Interchangeable 1” Peg / 1-1/2” Sleeve
S Series
  • Spike Down Mounting System
I Series
  • Indoor Design
  • Mount-less Synthetic Surfaces
Delivery Location
Standards Met
Customer Specifications